Carnauba Gloss & Gift Box

Autobright Carnauba Gloss and Two Microfibre Towels 
Carnauba Gloss Buttery Wet Wax is a brilliant thick creme carnauba wax that produces an amazing wet-look high gloss shine incredibly fast. Works fantastically with all types of paint - clear coated, metallic, solid colours and ceramic.

Formulated using the latest technology its unique blend of cutting edge polymers, resins and natural carnauba and its buttery consistency not only brings out the deep shine and lustre of your paintwork, but also provides incredible long term protection.
So easy to use, just apply a small amount to the applicator and apply a thin coating to your paintwork surface Allow to haze, and then using a microfibre towel buff to a shine to reveal a high gloss shine.

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