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Autobright Paintwork Decontamination
Clay Mouse Ergonomically designed and manufactured using rubber polymer technology,
Our clay Mouse Is the quickest and easiest paint decontamination and surface preparation tool available on the market.



Used with the Autobright Clay Mist or our pH balanced shampoo it is the easiest way to
make your vehicle feel as smooth as glass in a fraction of the time of using a traditional clay bar. 
Its rubberised clay surface removes embedded contaminants, preparing the
surface for wax and sealant adhesion.

• Removes surface contamination quickly and easily
• Faster and more durable than traditional clay bars
• Safely removes industrial fallout, brake dust, tar, bugs, fresh tree sap.
• Use on paintwork, glass, chrome and plastic
• Large surface area cleans more with each pass
• Ergonomic design for comfortable controlled handling
• Washable and Reusable 

Directions for Use:-

1. Thoroughly wash vehicle to remove loose debris.
2. Apply Clay Mist to panel, ensuring that Clay Mouse and surface are wet and well lubricated.
3. Gently glide the rubber side of the Clay Mouse back and forth on the surface until it smoothly glides. 
    Initially the mouse will grab the surface, but as it removes contamination, it will start to glide more freely.
4. On completion of panel, buff with a microfibre towel before moving on to next panel.
5. Always inspect Clay Mouse and if it appears soiled, rinse with water.
6. Decontaminate paintwork, glass, chrome and plastic
7. Rinse vehicle and dry with microfibre on completion
8. Always thoroughly rinse Clay Mouse if dropped.

Professional Use Only

It is more important that ever to protect your car's paintwork 
against the bad weather with either a paint sealant or wax protection. 

These contaminants cannot be removed by washing with a sponge and soapy water alone.  
Use with our new look clay Mist - may also be used as a quick detailer.
Surface Preparation
Our Clay Mist works uniquely with the chemical composite of the clay Mouse as it provides the necessary slick surface for the clay to glide on. 
As well as this, it is specially formulated for streak-free surface perfection for all over detailing. 
Individually wrapped Heavy grade clay bar.

Please note 
Always keep surface well lubricated.        
Claying will only remove surface contaminants, it will not remove scratches or swirls.
For scratches and swirls, we can provide a comprehensive range of car polishes from heavy through to light imperfections.

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