Biozyme Odour Eliminator

250ml 500ml. 750ml.

Autobright Bio-Zyme - Bacterial Enzyme Cleaner
Newest innovation in stain and odour removal for carpets and upholstery.
Eradicates smells caused by urine, faeces, vomit, milk, blood, wine etc.
Eliminates odours naturally and has a pleasant scent. Bio-zyme works by literally eating the protein based bacteria. 

Bio-zyme targets the soiled area and releases enzymes which digest the odour producing organisms and destroys the odour at its source.
Safe to use around children and animals.
Highly concentrated - contains 400 billion organisms per gallon.
It is also effective on other porous surfaces such as concrete, wood and tile grouting.
Cat Urine Cat urine is composed of 5 different bacteria strains, 2 of which are a cat masking scent.
Bacteria is the culprit for the horrendous smell and as they do not drink much water, their urine is extremely concentrated and it is that concentration of bacteria that results in the strong smell unique to cat urine.
General household products are not designed to eradicate the bacteria.

Dog Smells Dog smells are usually caused by the natural oils in their coats, which embed into fabrics and upholstery creating a feeding ground for bacteria.
Bio-zyme will eradicate the bacteria and kill off the odour. Vomit Vomit contains corrosive acids that cause lasting damage and a stomach churning stench.
It is important to clean with a bacterial enzyme cleaner that will eat and kill the foul smelling bacteria.
Milk Again the enzymes in Bio-Zyme will eat all the milk causing the stinky bacteria to starve and die.

Directions for Use:
Pretest on an inconspicuous area for colour-fastness. Use 1 part of product to 4 parts of water. Spray or soak surface to be cleaned. Allow 10-30 minutes dwell time and then clean as usual. In extreme cases use undiluted and cover treated area with towelling to allow for slower evaporation.
A second application may be required.
Allow to dry and clean as usual.

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