Autobright Smart Repairs

  • Alloy Refurbishment 
  • Interior Repairs 
  • Bumper Scuffs/Textured 

Why Choose Auto bright?

We do not use subcontractors. All the repairs are carried out by us at repair centre so there is no additional charges for contracting the work out. We are a professionally run family business who take pride and satisfaction in restoring a vehicle to showroom condition. 

Geoff the owner has over 30 years experience and Companies he has worked alongside include 

  • BMW Park Lane
  • Hadley Greens Jaguar and Bentley
  • Coopers BMW

An efficient, economical alternative to bodyshop costs. Save yourself time and money. Smart Repairs use advanced technologies specifically designed to cheaply and efficiently repair minor damage to your vehicle. 

You can expect to save up to 60% over bodyshop prices.

The majority of dealers use our services extensively to repair used and sometimes even new vehicles prior to sale. Repairs are carried out quick and professionally using quality products. 

Repairs systems are specialist products and techniques pioneered and developed to maintain a vehicle in pristine condition at the lowest possible cost. 

Processes are also faster, with average repair times of only 2-3 hours rather than days! Every vehicle, at some stage in it's life, sustains some exterior or interior damage like Bumper scuffs, scratches, stone chips, kerbed alloy wheels etc. which have a detrimental effect to the value of your vehicle, particularly when selling or trading in. 

By cosmetically improving the appearance of your vehicle you will increase your vehicles resale value. Machine Polishing (Paint Correction) The single most important aspect of detailing a vehicle is in Paint Correction, in fact approximately 90% of gloss is the result of this process. 

This is the systematic application of varying grades of cleanser, compounds and polishes using a technique designed to remove a microscopic amount of the paint’s clear coat surface in order to smooth away paintwork defects.

It could be likened to ultra fine sanding where a few microns (a micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter) are removed. 
This process will restore neglected and damaged paintwork to a smooth, durable, brilliant gloss, while maintaining the integrity of the paint/clear coat. 

We have extensive detailing and bodyshop knowledge to truly understand vehicle paintwork and take great satisfaction and pride in restoring to a showroom finish by removing the following defects:

  • Buffer Marks/Holograms – These may have been caused by a previous valeter or bodyshop using a machine polisher and compound who have either not refined the finish, used a dirty pad or even used a fast speed on the machine polisher causing too much heat.
  • Swirls - Spider web affect on the paint more noticeable in direct sunlight. Possible causes are improper washing techniques or car washes.
  • Scratches – Possible causes not washing the vehicle correctly, driving too close to the hedge, vandalism etc.
  • Airborne Damage – Bird lime etchings, water spotting and stone chips, which can prematurely age and reduce the value of the vehicle.
  • Oxidation - Faded and dull paint. UV rays from the sun can damage paint over a period of time. 
  • The most common is solid red (non metallic) where it can turn pink/white. 

Alloy wheels play a large part in a vehicle’s appearance. 

Unfortunately they are very susceptible to damage which can detract substantially from the resale value. 

Unslightly grazes to wheel spokes and rims no longer mean replacement as annoying kerb damage can be invisibly repaired and the original alloy finish restored, making them look as good as new. 

When repairing bumper scuffs, only the damaged area is repaired, compared to the conventional body shop approach of re-spraying large areas of the vehicle, therefore the original factory finish is maintained. Repairs completed within 2-3 hours enabling lower costs and short vehicle downtime. Plastic trims including bumpers, mouldings and spoilers can be repaired using the latest computerised technology and colour-coded plastic texturisers. Paintless Dent Removal Paintless dent removal is a technique used to remove carpark type dents using specialist tools, without repainting any panels thus saving costly repairs and time off the road. The dent is accessed from the back of the damaged area and gently 'massaged' back out using specially designed tools. This is a quality quick and cheap repair, instantly adding value back to your vehicle resale value. Interior Repairs With our system we are able to repair and re-colour all interior leather seats/trims, plastics and vinyls. Damage caused by telephone screw holes and scrapes and scuffs to door trims can be repaired with true replication of grain patterns and colours which are used on car interiors, saving the time and cost to replace. Using our unique velour trim system unsightly cigarette burns and small tears on seats and door panels are quickly and effectively repaired by building up the damaged area level and then matching the existing fibres, resulting in a cosmetically successful repair. If this type of damage is left without repair then usually the damage gets larger and in the worst case will become too bad for repair and will need a full replacement. Windscreen Repairs The Windscreen makes up a large part of the vehicle’s structural strength. Windscreen repairs are as strong, if not stronger, than the original glass. The sooner a repair is carried out after the damage occurs the better the result of the repair. Multiple repairs can be carried out to the same windscreen. Don't watch that chip in your windscreen slowly get bigger, windscreen replacement can be costly.