Car Scent Odour Neutraliser

New Car Scent 250ml Cherry Scent 250ml

Autobright  Car Scent and odour neutraliser is a premium air freshener, which is specially formulated to give a fantastic fragrance and is an easy way to freshen and deodorise the air inside your vehicle with a pleasant aroma. Formulated using odour neutralising technology and natural enzymatic odour eliminating properties.  Reduces odours by changing them chemically, it doesn't just mask smells.

Concentrated formula provides long lasting Cherry aroma. Use sparingly or dilute accordingly.

● Freshens Vehicle Interior
● Neutralises Odours
● Strong Deodoriser
● Pleasant Cherry Scent
● Reduces odours caused by pets, smoking, food and mildew
● Long Lasting Handy Size
● Biodegradable Water Based

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