dual layered applicators Twin Pack

Red Black 2 Pack Black 2 Pack

Fantastic dual layered dome shaped applicators 10.3 cm x 3.3 cm Twin Pack
Foam wax applicators are an incredibly important asset to your car care kit and a quality applicator makes a huge difference when it comes to quality of finish and ease of application. 

When applying a wax, sealant or dressing coating,
it is well known that a thinner coat captures the greatest colour and depth.
By multiple layering microscopic layers on top, your gloss shine will be taken to the next level, creating spectacular levels of reflectivity. 
This makes it easy to apply products to the underside of panels without the fear of dropping it on the floor.
We also have available in blue and black, so you can avoid cross contamination by allocating a colour to waxes/sealants, tyres and interior dressings.
Extra Large Applicators 12.7cm x 2cm in Yellow and Black  New Wax Buddy Applicator 11cm x 5cm in Black and Red Deluxe Microfibre Applicator 12cm x 3cm Tri Foam Blue Applicator 9.5cm x 3cm

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