Ceramic Shampoo SiO2

250ml 500ml. 1L. US Gal.

Autobright Ceramic Shampoo Wash, Silica SiO2
Seal & Protect Infused with silica technology,
Our amazing fruity pearlescent shampoo has been specially developed as the perfect partner to to wash vehicles that have been coated with nanotechnology based sealants and coatings.

Coatings will be revitalised and a thin film of protective silica technology will be added.

• Infused with Silica Technology
• Great Fruity Scent
• pH Neutral Shampoo
• Luscious Foam
• Gentle & Lubricating
• Concentrated Formula

Developed for Ceramic Coatings Formulated utilising intelligent pH surfactants, this gentle but powerful lubricating foaming car shampoo ensures that road grime is removed safely and efficiently.
Its high dilution ratio makes for a highly effective and economical wash.
Quickly rinses from the surface to produce a high gloss shine.
Specifically formulated to work with our C7H and C9H ceramic coatings to ensure maximum gloss retention. Directions:- Pour approx. 50ml. into a bucket and with foam lance create lots of foaming suds.
Wash surface with microfibre or lambswool wash pad/mitt.
Rinse with clean water.
Dry with soft drying towel or microfibre. 

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