Ceramic Paste Wax

Ceramic Black 50ml Ceramic Blue 50ml

 Application Ease Of A Paste Wax but with Ceramic Silica Protection

We are pleased to launch our new Ceramic Silica Paste Wax; a premium grade, completely synthetic, inorganic paste wax that leaves a more durable, hydrophobic, mirror-like shine than conventional carnauba-based paste waxes.

Our Black wax is perfect for black and darker coloured vehicles.  
For white and light colours we recommend our Ceramic Silica Blue Paste Wax. 

What can you expect

  • Si02 Protection - Hydrophobic protective coating
  • Incredible Shine - A wet glossy shine 
  • Long Lasting - Enhanced protection against the environment including UV rays
  • Paintwork that is easier to clean
  • Greater saturation of paint colour
  • Improved resistance to surface contaminations

If you are thinking why should I use this instead of my usual carnauba paste wax and what is Si02.  Si02 is also known as "silica" or "silicon dioxide" and will give your paintwork a more reflective shine with far more protection and we know that the two most important things when applying a coating are shine and protection.  Forms a molecular bond with ceramic coatings.

It can last up to twice as long per application as a traditional carnauba paste wax.  Simply apply just as you would  a paste wax.  It will require more effort if left on the surface for too long or worked over too large an area.  Best suited to working in smaller areas at a time - panel by panel and buff off with a plush microfibre towel.  Always best to test to see best application method for you.

Our Ceramic Blue wax is perfect for Light and darker coloured vehicles.  

Supplied in our new high end jar that maintains the integrity of the wax.


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