Ceramic Coating c9H

Ceramic Coating Sealant 50ml.
Our C9H provides up to 4-5 years of protection by adding a permanent clear nano crystalline coating that bonds to your vehicle's factory paint/clear coat, adding additional protection to your vehicle's exterior, that will not wash away or break down.


C9H protects your vehicle from weather, chemicals and UV rays whilst repelling water, dirt and other contaminants.   C9H applies a hard (9H) durable coating that is 3-4 micron thick.    
If, like me, you want your vehicle to look as good as the day you purchased it, with relatively minimal maintenance, a coating of C9H will make your vehicle more resilient and easier to clean.  

The reason for this is the coating has provided a hydrophobic surface, meaning water beads off the surface and it is harder for contaminants to bond to the surface.
If you are thinking, yes but what about the shine.  
There are many benefits of applying 
C9H:- * 4-5 Year Protection
* Protects against UV damage/oxidation Super hydrophobic - repels water
* Weather protection
* Easy to clean
* Enhance gloss shine
* May be used paintwork/clear coat, plastic, vinyl, rubber, metal and glass.
* May also be applied on top of protective film coverings to prevent discolouring.

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