Clay Mist 750ml Green Fine Yellow Medium Clay Bars 100g

Autobright's exclusive Clay Bar Detailing 750ml Kit

Consisting of a 100 gram Green fine and 100 gram Yellow medium grade poly clay bar andAutobright's Clay Mist 750ml. (detail mist)

When you run your hand over your paintwork it should be smooth, but all too often you will feel tiny bumps.
There is a way to make your paintwork feel smooth again and that is by claying your car.
By removing the contaminants your vehicle's surface will be enhanced as the smoother surface will give better reflectivity of shine and the coats of wax or sealants you apply will look even better.

Green is a fine grade car detailing clay that is gentle on your vehicle's paintwork, but is effective at removing contamination from the surface of the paint.

Yellow medium has a stronger ability of removing contaminants.

It is more important that ever to protect your car's paintwork against the bad
weather with either a paint sealant or wax protection.

However to obtain the best finish and protection possible, preparation of your paintwork is the first step.
The best method of removing contaminants such as road tar, brake dust, tree sap, bird droppings
and oxidation is by using a professional detailing clay bar.

The poly clay will gently bond with any contaminants and remove them, leaving a clean smooth surface.
These contaminants cannot be removed by washing with a sponge and soapy water alone. This is one of the secrets kept by professional valeters and detailers, that prior to applying a long lasting paint sealant, they will always have clayed the vehicle first.


If you drop the clay then throw it away. So break it into a size that suits you to reduce unlucky waste.
Avoid working in the sunlight so Clay Mist does not dry out.
Break clay into a third and always try to reshape to expose a fresh clean piece of clay.
Do not use too much pressure when gliding clay bar across the lubricated surface.
Clay not only works on paintwork, but also glass, plastic, wheels and other hard surfaces.

You can often tell when the contamination has been removed when the clay glides smoothly across the panel.

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