Medium Clay Mitt Kit

Medium Clay Mitt & Clay Mist
The best products for paint decontamination

Our Clay Mist works uniquely with the chemical composite of our Clay Mitt, as it provides the necessary slick surface for the mitt to glide on.

Using our Clay Mitt is the quickest and easiest method to remove contaminants from your vehicle producing an amazingly smooth surface prepared for paint renovation, waxing or paint sealant application.

This new process is much quicker than using the traditional clay bar, saving you time and money and is the perfect accessory to use in the important preparation stage.

Our high quality Clay Mitt, measuring 8" x 6" with a special cuff and hanging loop, consists of one side microfibre and the other constructed in a high-tech polymer coating that whilst washing your vehicle, removes above surface contaminants such as rail dust, fresh tree sap, water spots and paint overspray from paintwork, glass, mouldings, plastic and metal.

The design of the mitt allows for an effortless easy glide over the surface when used with our Autobright Clay Mist. The mitt is easily cleaned of contaminants by rinsing in a bucket of water.

General shampooing and snow-foaming will not remove embedded contaminants and these may not always be visible to the naked eye, but when you glide your hand over the surface it will feel rough. If the surface isn’t smooth then your polishes will not be as effective and your wax or sealant coating will not fully bond to the surface.

Until recently the way to remove contaminants was to use a clay bar, but our Autobright Clay Mitt takes paint decontamination to an advanced level.


No need to reshape or mould the clay and if it is dropped you do not need to discard it – just simply rinse in a bucket.

Blue medium grade clay mitt is designed for vehicles with moderate to heavy contaminants

Red heavy grade clay mitt is designed for vehicles with heavy contaminants.

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