Smart Wash

Smart Wash - Cleans, Shines & Protects 500ml.4 Products in 1 Concentrated FormulaOur New advancement on traditional waterless car wash.Can I use this product without the use of water ?Yes you can but why stop there. We have cleverly designed our new formula so that it is much better than just a basic waterless car wash. The new advancements allow this product to also be used as a Quick Detailer, Clay Mist and Water Softener and Conditioner - just by adjusting the dilution ratio. From this one bottle you can create 4 products - saving you money.This is a great product to add to your detailing kit - fantastic for the car enthusiast.This incredible cutting edge product truly breaks through the car wash technology, with its multi-purpose formula that gives you 4 essential car care products depending on the amount of water added or not.1. Rinseless Wash - Waterless Car Wash 2. Quick Detailer3. Clay Lubricant4. Water Softener/ConditionerTechnologically advanced and environmentally friendly Smart Wash cleans, shines and protects without rinsing. Extremely quick and easy to use and containing specialised polymers and lubricants that increase surface protection and safely remove dirt and grime from any exterior surface.Is Smart Wash environmentally friendlyYes it is a biodegradable formula● 4 products in one bottle● Concentrated formula designed to clean more vehicles with one bottle● Polymers bond to paint to protect surface● Cleans surfaces without rinsing● Produces smooth glossy finish every time● Fantastic cleaning ability● Use on all surfaces, paint, glass, metal ...● Biodegradable● Great scent

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