Tyre Dressing

1Gallon 250ml 500ml. 750ml.

Autobright Ultimate Tyre Dressing The professionally detailed look that lasts
Our Tyre dressing is an easy to use spray on finish and will make your car stand out
with their deep dark sheen finish.
Uniquely designed especially for the concours, providing a rich dark finish, making your tyres look like new and not over-dressed.

Tyres can have a major impact on your vehicle's appearance.  
They can be the 'icing on the cake' and can compliment your alloys.

  • Provides a rich dark finish
  • Preserves and protects
  • Rejuvenates tyre surface
  • Does not sling
  • Long lasting effect
  • Does not attract dirt or dust
  • Water based and non toxic and biodegradable
  • Pleasant scent

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