Bright Wax

250ml 500ml. 1L. US Gal.

Autobright Bright Wax No.1 Brazilian Carnauba Wax
The most advanced Carnauba Wax formula available Added detergent resistant polymers for longer lasting protection
An unbeatable wet-look shine Fantastic value for money Long lasting
Easy on / easy off Apply in sun or shade 

Great UV protection Prevents oxidation and paint dullness Great wax for chrome wheels
Does not stain mouldings
Autobright Bright Wax made with the most advanced enhancers to deliver unparalleled wet gloss and depth of shine to any paint finish.
The premium cream is pleasantly cherry scented The added polymer protection puts this carnauba wax in a completely different league from the rest and provides longer lasting protection against the harsh and harmful daily weather. Autobright Bright Wax No.1 Carnauba Protection. Our durable wax applicators deliver unbeatable results time after time, wax after wax. 1 Red & Black Foam wax applicators are an incredibly important asset to your car care kit and a quality applicator makes a huge difference when it comes to quality of finish and ease of application. What you use to apply your wax or sealant coating is as important as the technique or product itself. Our applicators are manufactured using high quality foam, which is more pliable, strong and efficient at producing an even thin coating of wax. They are soft to the touch , so gentle on delicate paint surfaces – unlike some other wax applicators that can be rough and degrade after a couple of uses.

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