Super Gloss Interior & Exterior Gel

Autobright Super Gloss Trim Dressing
Restores and protects interior and exterior trims and plastics, creating a wet-look finish.
Trim Vinyl Plastic Tyres & Rubber - Bring them back to life Super Gloss is the next generation in high gloss water based gel dressing, previously only found in solvent-based dressings.

The thick gel formula provides a magnificent shine on interior and exterior trim, vinyl, dashboards and tyres. 
This innovative dressing delivers maximum protection and will keep rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces conditioned and its advanced UV protectants will shield against sun damage and environmental pollutants that may cause cracking. Super Gloss produces an incredible gloss without greasiness.
A small amount on an applicator covers a large area and your car’s interior will smell incredibly fresh.
Benefits of Super Gloss: Enhances and restores the appearance of these surfaces Protects against fading, cracking and drying caused by UV damage.
Extends the life of rubber, plastic and vinyl. Provides an advanced professional finish Excellent coverage - apply sparingly using an application sponge. Easy to use.
Wipe on clean dry surface.
Allow time to penetrate for maximum gloss and protection.
Wipe off excess with clean soft towel.
If higher gloss is desired apply further coat.
Use regularly for maximum protection.

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