Super Endurance

Autobright Advanced PTFE Paint Sealant 500ml 

Super Endurance is an amazing product that will enhance your vehicle's appearance and offer long term protection.
Our new sealant uses even finer particles that are able to embed deeper into the pores of paintwork and lie smoother on the surface, producing a deep wet slippery glossy reflective shine.
Providing UV protection and ability to repel pollution, salt, mineral deposits and acid rain.

Every car's paint surface, no matter which manufacture it comes from, eventually starts to deteriorate and become dull from everyday exposure.
Harmful UV rays and acid rain, slowly weather down your paint's shine and protection, not to mention the bird dropping which lands from time to time.
Applying the latest in PTFE Paint Sealants, "Super Endurance", will greatly reduce the effect these contaminants have in attacking your paintwork.

Our proven PTFE paint sealant makes paintwork feel super slippery to the touch and the high gloss showroom finish you’ll see is absolutely amazing.
Conventional car waxes just can't match the results.
Your car will also stay cleaner for longer, as dirt and bugs will have a hard time sticking to the paint and then when it does need a wash, it will be a lot quicker and easier to do.

What is PTFE ?

Polytetraflouoroethylene (PTFE) resin Zonyl® fluoradditives are finely divided white powders.

They are a separate and distinctive new product line, very different from the well-known Teflon® PTFE
and these differences include:-
Lower molecular weight Different particle shapes and morphology Smaller particle sizes (2 to 20 µm)
Smaller particles create a smoother surface that reflects light more evenly - giving it a more even and deeper glossy shine.
It has been tested in every extreme element known to man - rain, snow, high altitude, ultraviolet rays and blazing sunshine, so you can use them anywhere, whether it's a vehicle, boat or plane.

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