Purple Haze Glaze

250ml 500ml. 1L.

High Gloss Hand Glaze
Amplify your paint's shine and improve the clarity to achieve an award winning deep gloss shine
In search of paint perfection and a deep glossy wet-look shine, Purple Haze is formulated with shine enhancing properties to produce a dramatic wet look on your paint.


This is the secret the enthusiasts have kept for years when showing their cars exhibitions, as it is quick and easy to apply and a quick layering produces an especially wet look gloss for
award winning recognition.
Rich in emollients and nourishing oils, Purple Haze will produce a dramatic slick show car shine that is essential to achieve winning success on the concourse.
Glazes were initially designed for use in the body shop process to be used on freshly painted surfaces to improve gloss and clarity and continue to nourish the paintwork.
They are now particularly attractive to show car enthusiasts to revitalise paintwork and produce a deep wet-look gloss on show day.
Also used by auto manufacturers and body shops as it can mask any slight imperfections in the paintwork.

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