Revive Glaze AIO

Autobright Revive Glaze
Our Revive is an all in one polish and glaze that enhances shine and improves clarity of your vehicle's paintwork.
It is excellent for use on moderate paint oxidation and will help rid the paintwork of swirls and tiny scratches and the oils in the glaze have the ability to fill minor surface scratches and paint imperfections and amplify your paint's shine.

Many car dealers apply a glaze to their vehicles as it enhances the appearance and shine by helping rid the paintwork of swirls and tiny scratches plus the oils in the glaze make the surface smoother and glossier.
If your vehicle's paintwork is looking dull, then by applying Revive it will bring your paintwork back to life with an incredible shine and by applying prior to the application of either a wax or sealant, the gloss will be magnified.
It has the ability to dramatically transform the appearance of your vehicle.
Many detailers, car enthusiasts and show car owners know that by applying a glaze prior to a wax or sealant, the oils and wetting agents will magnify and enhance and produce a lustrious glossy shine.
May be applied by hand, orbital buffer or rotary polisher and works well with both wool or foam pads. If applying by hand use an applicator and apply in overlapping circular motion.
Allow to haze and then remove residue with soft cloth. It is best to work on one panel at a time.
Machine application: Apply to a small area and buff to desired shine and then wipe away residue with soft cloth.

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