Aqua Quartz Touch-less

250ml. 500ml. 1L.

Aqua Quartz  is a revolutionary touch-less silica infused spray sealant that you simply spray on and rinse off.
Adds a protective layer of Si02 coating at the wash stage.  
Never before has it been easier to add a silica sealant protection to your vehicle without touching it  

Simply mist onto your already wet vehicle and then power wash off to produce a glossy, smooth, highly hydrophobic finish.  
Water simply rolls off the surface upon contact
● Easy to use spray on/rinse off
● 90 days paint protection
● Protects from UV, heat, oxidation and bird lime
● Perfect drying aid
● Glossy smooth surface
● Highly hydrophobic
● Safe on paintwork, wheels,  glass and plastics

Best to use on surfaces that are free from previously applied waxes or sealants for coating to bond.  
May be used regularly to layer coatings for added gloss and protection.
Do not allow  Aqua Quartz to dry onto the surface - no curing time is required.
Do not use a wash and wax product as it will interfere with the bonding
Once applied rinse off with pressure spray.   
1. Do not use in direct sunlight or on a warm surface.  
2. Prepare your vehicle’s paintwork and then wash to remove any dirt particles.  
Ensure shampoo has been thoroughly rinsed off.
3. Spray onto wet panel - working on one panel at a time.  Do not over apply.
4. Thoroughly rinse off using a strong jet of water.
5. Continue this method until entire vehicle has been treated.
6. Dry vehicle using a high quality microfibre drying towel.   

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