Citrus Clean Multi Purpose Cleaner

250ml 500ml. 750ml. US Gal.

Autobright Citral Foam - Multi Purpose Cleaner  High intense foamer Our amazing fast acting foaming degreaser is a powerful all purpose cleaner that excels at cleaning
Use on interior / exteriors paintwork door shuts engine bays tyres wheels wheel arches, good on carpet stains headliners and vinyl. You will be amazed at how quickly and effectively it cuts through grime, grease, oil, bug splatters. 

Regular use will help maintain appearance of surfaces Natural citrus fortified and containing a blend of surfactants, it is the ideal cleaning product for removing the toughest of deposits that ordinary products are not able to shift. Formulated with the next generation of high foaming detergents it has the ability to cling to the surface when sprayed and emulsify and lift grime, grease and oil.
One of the most versatile cleaning products available, that has a fresh citrus scent.
Due to its strength, this product can be substantially diluted for all purpose cleaning.
Perfect for cleaning cars, vans, motorcycles, motor homes and caravans.
Our Citral Foam does not contain acids or heavy solvents and is biodegradable.

Directions:- Spray foam onto surface, allow time to penetrate, agitate if necessary and wipe away with clean cloth. Do not allow foam to dry on painted surfaces.

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