Detailing Clay Lube & Clay Bar

The best method of removing contaminants such as road tar, brake dust, tree sap, bird droppings and oxidation is by using a professional detailing clay bar. our poly clay will gently bond with any contaminants and remove them, leaving a clean smooth surface. These contaminants cannot be removed by washing with a sponge and soapy water alone.  
Clay Lub 250ml Clay bar 100g

  • Super Fine Clay Bar Clay Lube
  • Fine Clay Bar Clay Lube 
  • Medium Clay Bar  Clay Lube
  • Heavey Clay Bar  Clay Lube 

All ways keep your paint work-surface well lubricated and the Clay bar at all times
Our clay lubrication is pH balanced
Please use Autobright Detail Mist because it works uniquely with the chemical compostive of the clay bar as it provides the necessary slick surface for the clay to glide on.
As well as this, it is specially formulated for streak-free surface perfection for all over detailing.
Directions for Use:
1. It is important to wash your vehicle to ensure that the surface is clean.
2. Park in a shady area to it is cool to the touch.and cool to the touch before you start claying..
3. Break the bar into thirds and place the other two thirds into a container.
This is so you have spares in case you drop the clay on the ground (the clay will pick up dirt and grit if dropped, rendering it useless).
4. Kneed the piece of clay until it is pliable, then roll into a ball and flatten into a disc shapee about 5mm thick.
5. Starting at the top of the vehicle spray the Detail Mist onto a panel and then gently glide the clay back and forth across the panel.
6. Keep going until the clay glides easily across the panel and run your hand over it to check its smoothness.
7. When the clay becomes dirty, fold it upon itself and knead it until a clean surface appears, roll into a ball and flatten and continue onto the next panel
8. Continue around the whole vehicle and once finished apply either a paint sealant or wax in order to seal out paint contaminants and debris.  
Please note that claying will only remove surface contaminants, it will not remove scratches or swirls. For scratches and swirls, we can provide a comprehensive range of car polishes from heavy through to light imperfections.



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