Iron Magic Decontaminant

250ml. 500ml. 750ml. 1L. US Gal.

Autobright Iron Magic Is a highly effective non-acid, pH balanced non caustic iron decontaminant
for the deep cleansing of car paint, wheels and glass 
a crucial step prior to any paint correction polishing to achieve the best results possible. 

Produced with a thick gel that has great sticking so your product placement will be where you want it to be. 
Our high concentration product will remove contamination providing a great pre-cleaned surface before machine polish or clay barring.

Perfect for pre-cleaning prior to detailing as its reactive formula specifically targets the removal of iron particles, preventing the spread of corrosion.

Effortlessly loosens and removes stubborn grime,such as burnt-on brake dust, oil, grease and rubber residue and suitable for use on exterior surfaces and all types of wheel; alloy, chrome, uncoated and annodised.Removes contaminants that even aggressive claying can not.

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