Super Suds Shampoo

Super Suds is a powerful car shampoo that is formulated using high quality surfactants that produce a rich foam.
Its high lubricity formula allows your washing mitt to glide easily across your paintwork surface effectively removing stubborn dirt and grime and other contaminants safely. 

Super Suds Shampoo

• Tough on dirt and grime
• Super concentrated
• pH balanced
• Wax and sealant safe
• High lubricity rinses clean with no residue
• Cherry scented
• Biodegradable advanced foaming technology

Super Suds highly concentrated formula makes the washing process safer as the foam bubbles encapsulate dirt and grime without any harsh agitation.

DIRECTIONS: Pour 15-30 ml. into a 10 litre bucket.
Use water pressure to create suds.
Wash surface with wash mitt or soft cloth.
Rinse with fresh water. 

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