Surface Preparation IPA Detailing

250ml 500ml. 750ml. US Gal.

Surface Preparation - Contains IPA surfactants and speciality cleaners
An intensive non abrasive IPA chemical cleaning agent designed to dissolve oil particles and remove polish residue from paintwork, mouldings and trims, to assist maximum adhesion by increasing the integrity of the molecular bond that occurs when applying waxes, paint sealants and dressings. 

Its high lubricity formula is the perfect way to prepare your vehicle surfaces to remove waxes, paint sealants, silicones and polymers that washing will not remove, leaving the surface prepared and ready for your application of your chosen coating.
Easy to use and with a pleasant apple scent. I'm often asked "How do I achieve the best shine?" The secret to the ultimate high gloss shine is the preparation.
When machine polishing a car this is great product to use to remove any polish/compound residue, leaving the surface clean and prepared for the next stage. Not only that, when I inspect the surface, it gives a true indication of the paintwork surface.
Using Surface Preparation maximises the adhesion when applying any paint sealants, wax or dressing coatings.
As well as using this product in my Smart Repair Centre, I've used it at home as well and found it fantastic to use on glass, mirrors and on the external pvc of windows and doors.
Dissolves oil particles Removes polish residue Prepares paintwork and trim surfaces Increases the durability of waxes, sealants and dressings Reveals true condition of paintwork Easy to use Also great on glass Pleasant apple scent A great all round product and one that is a favourite when detailing cars.

Directions: Lightly mist on to cool surface and simply wipe with soft microfibre towel.
To remove wax coating, follow this process and repeat as required until water beading properties disappear.
For glass, mist on and wipe off with microfibre towel.

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