Tar & Glue

250ml 500ml. 750ml. US Gal.
Fast Acting Tar and Glue Adhesive Remover Paint Prep 
Looking to de-badge or remove decals from your vehicle? No problem. 
Our fantastic new and improved formulation is now cherry scented so no nasty fumes. 
Now supplied with our new black ergonomically designed heavy duty trigger spray head.
It is the perfect key stage in between the washing and claying process. 
May also be used to prepare vehicles surface prior to application of waxes and sealants. 
Works fast, and is easy to use. 
  • Great for removing: 
  • Car Badges & Mouldings Decals Roadside Tar 
  • Adhesives Waxes Overspray Paint Sealants 
  • motorsport vehicle grease light carpet stains 
  • Removes Plastidip 
Autobright Tar Adhesive Remover fantastic formulation is designed to remove adhesive and tars from vehicle finishes without dulling and discolouring the paintwork. 
Even on carpets light stains (pre-test recommended). 
Apply on a cloth and gently and evenly rub the affected area. 
This is product is even being used in the Motorsport World. On karting use it is fantastic for removing all chain greases. 
Please note that this product does not remove Super Glue or catalytic glues as they require a remover specially developed to remove those glues. 
If you are unsure about removing your type of glue please contact us before making purchase and we will best advise. 
Not for use on non laminated decals as it will remove the colour. Always pre-test first.

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