Interior Cleaner

An excellent multi-surface interior cleaner, lifts stubborn contamination on vinyl, rubber, plastic, cloth, carpet, floor mats and smooth leather.    Quickly penetrates to remove pollutants, oils, stains, mineral deposits, film and stubborn dirt, without leaving a sticky residue to attract fresh dirt.      
If it is a spotless well-kept interior you are looking for, then this product will provide that "just detailed" look in a matter of minutes - not only will it be revitalised, but also smell fresh.

Once you have cleaned your interior surfaces, then it is also important to protect them from the damage caused by the sun's UV rays, to help protect again fading, cracking, brittleness and stains.
A good protectant on your leather, vinyl, plastic, upholstery and carpets will prolong their life and keep them looking good.

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