Interior Dressing Conditioner

Interior Dressing is ready to use plastic, rubber and vinyl conditioner.
Formulated to impart a non-greasy satin finish.
Perfect protection for many surfaces. Lightly scented
Our fantastic water based dressing applies with exceptional ease and will quickly penetrate and dry into the surface providing a non-greasy satin finish. 

Our special unique formula is designed to last weeks not days.
The Benefits
The plus side to using a water-based dressing over a silicone based are many:  Water-based is able to penetrate into its applied surface restoring and conditioning it back into a natural satin finish.
The dressing dries much more quicker and will not feel greasy when touched.  
May be hand applied or sprayed.
Because it contains a unique UV protection formula, it will outlast other silicone based dressings as direct sunlight will not dryout and vaporate the product.Silicone based dressings often attract dust due to their stickiness, but this being a water-based dressing dust and dirt is repelled, simply your surface will stay dust free for longer.
This is an Autobright recommended product and is pretty much a must to your collection of car care products.
Professional detailers and valeters will be able to impress their customers with this long lasting fantastic product.
Satin finish UV protection Conditions and prevents discolouring
Easy to apply 

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