Microfibre Polishing Pads 160mm

Autobright 2 Microfibre Pads 160mm - (6 inch)
Now with our new dense backing foam giving increased stability to allow you to remove micro-marring and fine swirls simply and efficiently. 

The low profile reticulated open cell foam backing reduces heat and provides ample cushioning between your polishing machine and vehicle paintwork.
• Eliminates micro-marring and fine swirls restoring maximum gloss
• Low profile foam backing offering maximum conformability to shape of your vehicle
• Designed to make paint correction faster and easier
• New advanced laminating system
• Designed for both rotary and DA polishers - excels with Autobright polishes With Hook Loop backing they are easily attached/removed to your polishing machine's backing plate.

To keep your pad working at its best, brush at regular intervals to remove polish residue and to keep the fibres buffed up. To clean simply rinse pads in warm water, massaging to remove polish residue and then air dry.
Keep stored in clean and dry environment.
We Recommend to use our Specially designed Polishes DA1 DA2 DA3 DA1 may be used as a one step on many finishes, but to achieve the ultimate gloss and protection Using micro particles, scratches and swirls are levelled producing a smooth gloss shine.
DA2 is suggested as a second step. Microfibre Paint Correction Finishing Creme and Wax Has been uniquely formulated to work with a Dual Action Polisher and Microfibre Pad. Perfect for use after using DA1 or any paint correction polishing compound. DA3 has been designed as a one step paint correction polish to be used with a Dual Action Polisher and either microfibre or foam pad.

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