Small Polishing Pads 80mm

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One pair 80mm Firm Spot Polishing Pads Paint Correction
Autobright paint correction 80mm spot polishing Pads Polishing made easy Our premium range of polishing pads manufactured using high quality foams and using the latest laser technology, to create a pad that reduces skipping for a smoother operation. It also reduces both splatter and heat build up. Our new Wavy Line range has been designed to cut, polish and finish to make paint correction a pleasure. 

The Wavy Line technology have been designed for polishes to sit within the pad's grooves and released during pad rotation across the paintwork surface.
Our 80mm. 'spot pad' is perfect for working smaller areas for the cutting/levelling/scratch removal stage. Made to the fit 75mm. backing plate.
Wavy Line Features Firm pad for first stage of paint correction to remove defects and scratches High quality foam construction Perfect for spot correction Pad grooves assist product disbursement Pads run smoother Reduces splatter Reduces heat build-up Easy to use and clean Hook Loop backing Perfect for use with our Autobright polishing range Our 75mm backing plate is perfect for use with this 80mm pad and may also be used with 100mm pads. It has a 15mm foam layer which makes it easy and comfortable to use.
Hook and loop fixing for easy attachment of polishing pads. Suitable for all threaded M14 rotary polishers.
Also available in 80mm: Yellow - Polishing Stage Black - Finishing Stage
For professional use only



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