Wavy Line Foam Polishing Pads

White Firm Compound Pads Green Firm Pads Yellow Medium Pads Black Finishing Pads

We have an extensive range of polishing pads and polishing cremes, ranging from firm pads and heavier cutting compounds which remove paint defects, to soft finishing pads and finishing cremes to refine the finish. 

This is for 2 polishing pads, which are ideal for compounding and polishing.
Manufactured from high quality foam, with a Hook Loop backing, oiur pads are perfect for easy removal when changing pads.
We also have a firm
White pads for heavy paint defect removal,
yellow medium pad for polishing/refining and a
Blue soft pad for finishing.
Works really well with our IPS (Intelligent Polishing System) range of polishes – R1, R2 and R3 and other polishing compounds, including all in one products.

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