Gloss Boost Quick Detailer

250ml 500ml. 750ml. US Gal.

Autobright Gloss Boost
Unique blend of polymers and waxes safely lifts light dirt, dust, fingerprints and smudges effortlessly. 
Use Gloss Boost for a brilliant shine and lasting protection

  • Its environmentally friendly ultra slick formula not only cleans, but also magnifies shine and protects in one easy step. 
  • Our Gloss Boost repels dust, water and light contamination.  
  • It may be applied on either a wet or dry paint finish and leaves no white residue. 
  • Utilising the latest technology, simply mist on, and then buff to a magnificent shine.  
  • It's incredibly easy. 

Simply mist onto the surface and let dwell for few seconds to let it lift and encapsulate the dirt.
With a clean microfibre gently wipe across the surface, turning the cloth to buff to a shine.
Formulated with UV light absorbers to block the damaging effects of the sun.

  • One quick step to wash, wax and protect.
  • Repels dust, water and light contamination.
  • Formulated with UV light absorbers.
  • Ultra slick non stick gloss magnifying formula.
  • Environmentally friendly May be used on paintwork, chrome, plastics, glass, mirrors, .... anything that shines! Can be applied on either wet or dry surfaces.
  • No white residue.

May be used as a booster over your existing wax or as a stand alone product.
No water waster, water spots, swirl marks or streaks which may result from conventional washing.
Does what it says on the bottle.

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